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Useful Microsoft Utilities

This is based on the data in Personal Computer World magazine, May 2005

.Net Framework 1.1 Microsoft programming environment, required by more and more applications
Application Compatibility Guide XP SP2 Helps administrators to find out which applications won't run under XP SP 2
Autoplay Repair Wizard Finds and repairs non-working Autoplay settings
Boot diskettes for Windows XP Professional SP 2 Needed to create bootable XP diskettes
Diagnostic program for MSJVM 1.0a Checks whether the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine is installed
GDI+ checker Checks whether any installed programs require a GDI+ security update
Group policy management console Management console for network management of group policies
IIS LockdownTool 2.1 Deactivates potentially dangerous IIS service settings
MBSA 1.2.1 Scans the system and reports all potential security loopholes
Performance Monitor Wizard Benchmarking tool which monitors and logs PC performance
Port Query 2.0 Helps in tracking down the sources of TCP/IP connection errors
Port Query Ul Graphical interface for the Port Query 2.0 utility
Port Reporter Monitors and logs activity via TCP and UDP ports
PR Parser Viewer for use with Port Reporter log files
Product Support Reporting Tools Collection of nine tools for error finding
Qfecheck 1.0 Checks an XP system to see whether all important hotfixes are installed
Scan-Tool KB824146 Scan Checks your network for computers on which two important patches are missing
Sector Inspector 5.2 Command line tool to read hard disk sectors
Tweakomatic 1.0 Script based utility with which you can change hundreds of Windows settings
TweakUI Easy-to-use utility to alter numerous Windows settings
URL Scan 2.5 Filters incoming HTTP requests before they are processed by the web server
Windows Application Compatibility Toolkit 3.0 Collection of three utilities for testing applications under Windows XP SP 2
Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools 126 diagnosis tools to help administrators to track down faults
Windows XP Service-Pack 2 rollout tools Utility collection to help with migration to and unattended installation of XP
Windows XP SP2 Support-Tools Collection of 81 diagnostic utilities, some of which are command line based
Alt-Tab Replacement Replaces the Alt-Tab window with a more versatile version
Calculator Plus Expanded calculator which can also convert units
CD Slide Show Generator Generates self-running slide shows from selected image files
Clear Type Tuner Improves the appearance of text on TFT monitors
Client for Windows Rights Management 1.0 Needed to run applications which use Windows rights management
Creativity Fun Pack Power Toys Adds a video screen saver and wallpaper changer to XP
DirectX 9.0c Required by many games and multimedia software applications
High MAT Support Adds High MAT support to the XP burning function
HTML Slide Show Wizard Simple tool for creating web slideshows
Image Resizer Windows Explorer Add-in for rapid image resizing
Java 2.0 Conversion Wizard Converts Java code into Visual C+
Open Command Window Here Places a command for opening a command window in the context menu
Plus Fotostory 2 LE Tool for designing multimedia slideshows in WMV format
Power Calculator Scientific calculator which can display functions graphically
Power Toys for Windows XP Collection of eleven useful utilities
Shadow Copy Client Allows access under XP to shadow copies stored on other Windows servers
Taskbar Magnifier Places a screen magnifier with an up to 8x zoom in the taskbar
Time Zone System Tray utility for displaying clock time in several time zones at once
Video Decoder Checkup Utility Checks which video codecs are installed on your PC
Virtual Desktop Manager Lets you work simultaneously with up to four Windows desktops
Webcam Timershot Uses a Webcam to take timed pictures
Windows Journal Viewer 1.5 Makes it possible to read files created on a Tablet PC
Windows Media DiagnosticTool Checks the installed Codecs and writes the findings to a log file
Windows Script 5.6 Current version of the Windows scripting tool
Winter Fun Screensavers Two winter-themed screensavers
Program Function
Codec Installation Package Contains all required WMA and WMV Codecs
Decades Auto Playlist Pack 14 automatic playlists for Windows Media Player 9 and 10
Movie Maker 2 Creativity Fun Pack A collection of animated titles, sounds and music clips for Movie Maker 2
Movie Maker 2 Winter Fun Packs Winter themed collection of animated titles, sounds and music clips for Movie Maker 2
Movie Maker 2.1 Latest version of the XP video capturing and authoring tools
Plug-in for Adobe Premiere 6.5 Adds WMV support to Adobe Premiere
Plus! DancerLE Five animated figures which dance on the desktop
Ratings Migration Power Toy Saves and restores Windows Media Player 9 and 10 ratings
Skins for Windows Media Player Web page with numerous Windows Media Player Skins
Visualizations for Windows Media Player Web page with numerous Windows Media Player visualisations
Windows Media ASF Viewer 9 Diagnostic tool for analysing MP3, WMA, WMV and ASF files
Windows Media Bonus Pack Collection of Skins, visualisations and sound effects for Windows XP
Windows Media Capture 9 Series Enables the capturing of AVI files with surround sound
Windows Media Connect Makes it possible to send music, photos and videos to hi-fi and TV
Windows Media Encoder 9-Reihe Tool to convert audio and video files into WMA or WMV format
Windows Media Mono to Multichannel Wave Combiner 9 Series Makes it possible to combine several mono WAV files in a single multichannel file
Windows Media Player 10 Latest version of the Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player 10 SDK Development kit for designing skins and visualisations
Windows Media Player 9 Creativity Fun Pack Two visualisations and a Blogging Plug-in for Windows Media Player 9 and 10
Windows Media Player 9 Tweak MP Power Toy Plug-in User interface customisation tools for Windows Media Player 9
Windows Media Player 9 Winter Fun Pack Various Christmas-themed skins and visualisations
Windows Media Video 9 Video Compression Manager Adds WMV support to applications
WM Plugins Microsoft page with Plug-ins, Skins and visualisations for Windows Media Player
WMA 9 Pro Channel Mask Mapping Tool Command line tool for analysing surround sound files
WMA Lossless to Wave Converter Converts WM A 9 Lossless files to WAV format
3 Peer-to-peer messaging tool which streams audio and video files
Excel 2003-2002 Add-In MSN Money share prices Load, manage and analyse share prices in Excel
Internet Explorer Administration Kit 6 Lets you personalise Microsoft's browser
Lookout 1.2 Tool for searching E-Mails and attachments in Outlook
Microsoft Producer 2 Supplementary program for producing precisely synchronised presentations
MSN Messenger 6.2 Most up to date version of the messaging client
MSN Toolbar for Internet Explorer Adds extra functionality to the Microsoft browser
Office 2003/XP add-in for removing hidden data Removes hidden data from Office documents
Office Clipart and Media Clipart and media collection
Office File Converter Pack Collection of file converters for various formats
Office XP 2000 Addins Office Sounds Collection of system sounds associated with particular actions
Office XP-Tool Web components Collection of controls to display tables, diagrams and databases on the web
Outlook 2003 Add-ln: PST backup Ensures that PST files are backed up regularly
Powerpoint 2003 Add-ln Office Animation Runtime Displays Powerpoint animations in the browser
Powerpoint 2003 Viewer Allows you to view Powerpoint files on computers without Powerpoint.
Powerpoint template collection Collection of 127 templates for Powerpoint 4.0 and above
Project 2003 Workgroup Message Handler Handles connectivity between Project 2003 and the Workgroup Message Handler
Remote Desktop Connection Web Connection Software Download Enables web based remote desktop connections
Rights Management Add-On for Internet Explorer Adds a Rights Management function to the browser
SMS Sender Send SMS messages via a mobile attached to the PC
Visio Ifilter 2003-Add-in Adds the ability to search Visio files to the XP search function
Visio Viewer 2003 Allows you to view Visio files on computers where Visio is not installed
Windows Media Player 9 and 10 Add-in for Microsoft Frontpage Adds audio and video features to the web site editing program
Windows Messenger 5.0 Most up-to-date version of the Instant Messenger included with XP
Word 2003 XML Viewer Displays XML documents created in Word as HTML files in Internet Explorer


First published: 16-May-2005
Last Edited: 19 May 2008 16:30:38