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Real One Player

Installing Real player behind ISA firewall:
This link gives advice on how to set up firewall: Q288734
This is the method I've used:
In the ISA Manager:
  • ISA > Servers and Arrays > Name > Extensions > Application Filters
  • select the HTTP Redirector Filter.
  • On the Options tab select the Send to requested Web server radio button
  • Select the OK button.

 On the client:

  • Install the ISA Firewall client from the Server.
  • Open Real Player 8.
  • Select Tools > Preferences
  • On the "Proxy" tab only select the No HTTP Proxy radio button
  • Select OK.
the resulting proxy settings should look like this:
First published: 16 January 2004
Last Edited:18 August 2008 19:26:29